About Us

Bishop Maginn High School is a Diocesan Catholic High School staffed by professional and dedicated laity with the goal of preparing students, both morally and academically, for the rigors of undergraduate study. Maginn serves the youth of the Albany Diocese in grades 9-12. While the majority of the students reside in the City of Albany, approximately 30% reside in 44 different school districts outside of Albany. It is a high school that maintains a solid reputation within the community. As a school with high academic standards and achievements, our curriculum prepares students for educational and professional pursuits.

Our principle focus is to provide an atmosphere based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. In daily teachings of Christian values, we foster responsibility within this school community. In living our Catholic Identity, the focus of Jesus becomes paramount. We apply this philosophy of Catholic Education to the uniqueness of our student population, which is comprised of many religions, races, and nationalities with varied backgrounds. We present our program to provide spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth that produces total Christian adults.

Bishop Maginn High School is Accredited by the AdvancED North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and maintains strict adherance to the requirements of the New York State Education Department Learning Standards. In addition, over 99% of our students matriculate at major universities and colleges. The graduates from Maginn as well as our heritage schools including Vincentian Institute, Cardinal McCloskey, Cathedral, St. Joseph's, St. John's, and St. Ann's are members of our Alumni Association. Together the faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni continue to develop a Christian-based educational community at Bishop Maginn High School.



Michael Tolan, Principal (tolan@bishopmaginn.org)

Jessica Hoyt, Director of Guidance and School Counselor (hoyt@bishopmaginn.org)