Graduation Requirements In order to graduate from Bishop Maginn High School, each student must earn a minimum of 22 units of credit. Units must include:

  • Theology - 4 units
  • English - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 4 units
  • Mathematics - 3 units
  • Science - 3 units
  • Health - ½ unit
  • Sequences/Electives* - 3 ½ units
  • Art - 1 unit
  • Physical Education - 2 units
  • Spanish - 1 unit

* For NYS Advanced Regents diploma certification, three units must be in a second language and the student must pass the Trigonomety Regents examination and a second Science Regents Examination.


New York State requires all candidates for graduation from a secondary school to pass a comprehensive examination in the core areas of scholastic studies. This includes Regents examination is English, Algebra 2, Global Studies, U.S. History and Science. For an advanced Regents designation, students must also pass Regents exams in Trigonometry, a second Science, and a language other than English.


Constants - Subjects that are required by all students before graduation.

Elective - A subject that one may choose to take because of a strong interest in the course content. Electives are offered only if there is a sufficient demand in pre-scheduling for the course.

Prerequisite - A subject that is required before a more advanced course can be taken in the same subject area. For example, Math 1 is a prerequisite to Math 2.

Regents - A Regents class follows the course of study developed by the New York State Education Department. The final examination is a statewide examination administered by the Education Department. Regents Examinations are held in June, August and January.

Unit - One unit is earned for a passing grade in each subject taken five times a week for a full school year. If a subject is taken for one half of the school year, or for less than five times a week one half of a unit is earned.