How to Apply to Bishop Maginn

Please download the application materials.  You may drop the forms off, fax them to us at 518-463-9880, or email them to Mr. Tolan Thank you!

In short, Bishop Maginn searches for students with the following credentials:

  • An academic record that indicates that the student can successfully complete a NYS Regents program.
  • A work habit record that indicates that the student consistently fulfills the requirements of an academic program.
  • A conduct record that indicates that the student consistently behaves well in the classroom and contributes to the positive spirit of the school.

Therefore, the FIRST STEP for admissions is to complete the Application and the Release of School Records forms. These forms are available for download at the right of this page.

At any time during the admission process, school personnel are ready to assist you in completing forms and answering questions. We very much look forward to a wonderful four years with your child and will do our utmost to make the admission process smooth and straightforward.