Bishop Maginn High School

Financial Aid

Need Based Grants

There is a grant and aid program offered by Bishop Maginn to provide financial assistance for families who are unable to afford the full tuition in a Diocesan high school. The FACTS Company manages your application for a fee.  You are expected to disclose all personal financial information in order to be eligible.  

  • Applications are available annually during March for the following school year. The application must be returned directly to FACTS Tuition Aid Service by April 15.
  • These grants are awarded on the basis of financial need. Every family will be expected to pay tuition while receiving aid through this program. 
  • Awards are prorated and nonrefundable.
  • A financial aid acceptance covenant must be signed each year agreeing to pass all courses and adhere to attendance and behavior codes.
  • A new application must be filed each year.

Academic Competitive Scholarships

Bishop Maginn High School offers academic scholarships to incoming freshmen. Winners of these scholarships are determined by results of a competitive examination given several times at the school. This scholarship is renewable annually by the student, provided that the student is on the honor roll during each quarter of the year.