Bishop Maginn High School


Sponsor-A-Student through the Miracles at Maginn Tuition Fund

The Miracles at Maginn Tuition Fund was created to help students and families most in need of support. Sponsoring a students helps close the gap between tuition and what a parents/family is able to pay. When you sponsor a student, you give a young person the opportunity to gain a Catholic education in a safe and encouraging environment where no one gets left behind.

How We Allocate Funds

Bishop Maginn High School identifies the greatest tuition assistance needs and allocates the funds accordingly. 

Who Benefits?

Bishop Maginn High School is the most diverse private school in the capital region. This program benefits students from all backgrounds, based on need and merit.

How to Contribute

Our Sponsor-A-Student program provides several levels of gifting, as well as options for payment. Simply select the option from the category that best suits you.

  • Full Tuition $7,500
  • Partial Tuition $3,750
  • Other

Sponsorships are tax-deductible and can be made in total or monthly. Donors may pay by cash or check. Cash should be brought to the school office (please call before coming due to Covid-19 protocol). Checks should be made payable to: BMHS Sponsor-A-Student Program.