Bishop Maginn High School



As a small private school, we rely heavily on donations and tuition fees as sources of revenue. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has financially affected many of our families and donors. Families have fallen behind on tuition payments, and we just do not have the funds to assist all of them. That is why we need your help.

Sponsoring A Student

When you sponsor one of our students, you give a young person the opportunity to gain a Catholic education and learn what it means to show compassion. Students learn in a safe and encouraging environment, and no one gets left behind.

How We Allocate Funds

Bishop Maginn High School identifies the greatest tuition assistance needs and allocates the funds accordingly. This year, the need is greater than ever.

Who Benefits?

Bishop Maginn High School is the most diverse private school in the capital region. This program benefits students from all backgrounds, based on need and merit.

How to Contribute

Our Sponsor-A-Student program provides several levels of gifting, as well as options for payment. Simply select the option from the category that best suits you.

 Payment Methods: Your tax-deductible contribution can be made in total or monthly. Donors may pay by cash, check, or credit card. Cash should be brought to the school office (please call before coming due to Covid-19 protocol). Checks should be made payable to: BMHS Sponsor-A-Student Program. To pay with credit card, please use GoFundMe Charity at Please do not forget to submit this completed form.

  I would like to sponsor a student for the following amount:

_____Partial Tuition Scholarship $3,000
_____Partial Tuition Scholarship $2,000
_____Partial Tuition Scholarship $1,000
_____Other:   ___$750 ___ $500 ____ $

Payment Methods:

____ GoFundMe Charity

____ Check enclosed

____ Cash enclosed

 ____ Monthly – I will pay 25% of my donation by the first of each month, from March – June.

Please complete this form and mail it to BMHS, 75 Park Ave, Albany, NY 12202. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Bliss at 518-463-2247.  

Name:_______________________________________ Phone :___________________________

Address:______________________________________ Email:____________________________

City:___________________ State:_______ ZIP:___________     ____   Please keep my donation anonymous.


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