Bishop Maginn High School


As a community founded on faith, we recognize the importance of providing our students, parents, and staff with the opportunity to nourish the soul and renew our spirits. The following services are part of the way that we meet that commitment, as well as the opportunity to experience mass at the Catherdal of the Immaculate Conception.  All parents are invited and welcome to attend any of our services.


On holy days and other special occasions, the entire community joins together for liturgy. These include (but are not limited to) the start of the school year, Christmas, Easter, Ascension Thursday, and graduation. Parents are always most welcome to attend religious services at the school.


The sacrament of reconciliation is generally offered twice during the year, before Christmas and Easter holidays.At other times during the year, confession may be heard upon request of a student.

Prayer Services

The Theology department organizes prayer services, both for small groups of students and for the community as a whole. These are usually held around holiday celebrations or for specific local or global events that call for special attention in the prayers of the Bishop Maginn community.

Stations of the Cross

 Maginn students portray the stations of the cross